When we think of Dubai it is usually the modern architecture and luxury shopping that comes to mind. Known around the world as the most expensive city in the Middle East, Dubai sits on the coast of the Persian Gulf with beaches dotted along the city’s coastline featuring light sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. However, it is the city’s skyline that make it possibly one of the most well-known destinations. Featuring some of the world’s largest construction projects and the tallest building, the Burj Khailifa which stands at a whopping 829.8 m! The typical building style of Dubai combines modern interpretations of Islamic architectural designs, resulting in many a dramatic skyscraper. Tourists visiting Dubai can also enjoy the city’s rich cultural highlights and traditional Arabian dining, all in luxury settings, typical of this fascinating global city.

When staying in Dubai you can expect luxury. It is a given with many of the hotels and resorts around the city that you can enjoy their luxurious suites, multiple pools and leisure facilities with a wide range of dining choices from fine dining to the buffet style restaurants Dubai is well-known for. Stay at one of the many international hotel chains across the city, including the Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach and The Ritz-Carlton Dubai International Financial Centre. Or why not book a room at the private island retreat of the
The Bulgari Resort & Residences Dubai, featuring its own yacht club and luxury spa, all in a classic Italian style.If, however, you would prefer to stay in a contemporary Arabian hotel, the Manzil Downtown is the perfect choice, located in the newest area of Dubai with views of the Burj Khailifa with easy access to the Dubai Mall and aquarium.

Almost all the hotels throughout the city offer one if not multiple dining options for tourists. Buffet style restaurants are particularly popular with plenty to choose from, including: Anise, located within the InterContinental Dubai Festival City hotel featuring a huge array of seafood and stunning views from the terrace over the Dubai Creek.The award-winning restaurant of the year 2018 in Dubai, Il Borro Tuscan Bistro is a must when staying in the city. Serving Italian cuisine with a focus on sustainability and only the freshest, most authentic Tuscan ingredients.Despite the huge range of cuisines available throughout restaurants in Dubai, it’s not worth missing out on some traditional Middle Eastern cooking during your break. One of the best-known venues in the city is Al Nafoorah, famed for its authentic Lebanese dishes. Located in the Emirate Tower Hotel, diners can expect to try crispy falafels and mouth-watering lamb kebabs.

It’s likely you will be wanting to hit the shops at some point during your trip to Dubai and the luxury shopping malls, including the Dubai Mall (the largest in the world) and the Mall of the Emirates (the world’s first shopping resort), amongst many others are the best places to start to enjoy tax-free shopping.You should also be sure to visit one of Dubai’s famous souks, specialising in gold, fabric, spices, local delicacies and much more. Here you will enjoy the opportunity to experience traditional Arabian markets and maybe even try your hand at haggling if anything takes your fancy.For some of the best views in the city you will need to make your way up some of the tallest skyscrapers, including the Burj Kalifa and the 360-degree rooftop at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.Other attractions that are definitely worth a visit in Dubai include the man-made Palm Islands and the Dubai Miracle Garden (the world’s largest flower garden).If you feel like an adventure, head out to the desert for an exhilarating 4×4 experience.

If you are a fan of hot desert climates, you are likely to enjoy the hot summers in Dubai with temperatures rising to highs of 48 degrees Celsius between June – August, during which time weather conditions can also be windy and humid.

With an average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius during the winter months, Dubai is a wonderful destination to visit throughout the year.

The peak holiday season in Dubai spans from February – April, with the hottest months remaining the quietest time to enjoy the city.